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Code contributor

Are you a Node, React, Python, or cloud dev who loves working on far-reaching, impactful projects? How about simplifying complex tasks at scale? Do you enjoy enabling people and teams be more successful with their passions? Have you spent a bunch of time working on Open Source projects at work or for fun?

If so, you're a great fit for ClearlyDefined, a community of people coming together to generate better metadata for FOSS projects. We’d love to hear more about your knowledge and interest, and see how you can make an impact on the whole industry.

We're on a mission to help FOSS projects thrive by being, well, more clearly defined. Lack of clarity around licenses and security vulnerabilities reduces engagement -- that means fewer users, fewer contributors and a smaller community. This is a community-wide challenge and we're taking a community-wide approach.

We want to:

  • Raise awareness within FOSS project teams
  • Make it easy to identify and supply missing information
  • Automatically harvest data from projects
  • Crowd-source the curation that data
  • Feed the curation work back to the original projects

Your role is to drive the technology and infrastructure that supports the project. As a Developer, you will:

  • Build domain knowledge in Open Source licensing and security.
  • Show a real passion for detail.
  • Write code in JavaScript, Python, and lots of other tech that runs in the cloud on using Node, React, and more.
  • Work with massive datasets (all of opensource).
  • Work with a wide variety of people across many communities.
  • Gain the undying gratitude of Open Source producers and consumers.
  • Be fully transparent in all your work.

ClearlyDefined is a diverse and inclusive community of technical experts who are passionate about quality FOSS. If you or a colleague are interested in this role, check out for more information.